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Results from upgrading to Project Dilithium and Unicorn 4


If you haven’t been following along with the community, the serialization framework that has quickly become the standard for Sitecore received an upgrade this past week. I don’t think the timing of this release could have come at a better time, as i’ve been experiencing really poor performance with synching Unicorn with an underpowered environment. With Unicorn 4 being touted as...

Unit-testing devices and layouts with Sitecore.FakeDb


After writing a few extension methods that checked whether a Sitecore Item had a layout for the default device or any device, I wondered if I could use the Sitecore.FakeDb library to unit-test these extension methods and provide some much needed code coverage for a project i’m working on. As most people do, I quickly did a few google searches and I was shocked, I couldn’t find any...

Deliver faster with the Fluent ContentSearch Library


With the Sitecore 7 release, Sitecore introduced the ContentSearch API to improve developer’s lives by providing a familiar LINQ abstraction on top of Lucene and SOLR. This allowed developers to develop against a single API that could work with any search provider, all while using LINQ’s very, very likable API. While the ContentSearch API provides the abstraction over the search...

Sitecore Cache Extensions


Months ago, I wrote a helix-based module for caching within Sitecore that allowed developers to add configuration-based caches to their projects in a unit-testable way. Without a proper introduction, the module didn’t receive much fanfare… bummer. So, here goes… Introducing the Sitecore Cache Extensions The Sitecore Cache Extensions is a helix-based module that provides a...

Kyle Kingsbury A Sitecore web development blog!
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