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Pattern for implementing a custom HtmlCacheClearer


While there are many blog posts detailing how to implement a custom HtmlCacheClearer, some of these blog posts omit the fact that the out of the box HtmlCacheClearer can be used with multiple type of EventArgs. The reason for multiple types of EventArgs is due to the separation of how the cache is being cleared through the event manager, either from a local event or from a remote event. Note that...

A faster IsDerived Extension Method


If you have been around Sitecore development long enough, you have undoubtedly run into the extension method ‘IsDerived’. This extension method allows developers to easily determine whether an item inherits from a specific base template; the template can be anywhere in the inheritance chain. This opens up a lot of possibilities for developers to customize the inheritance chain for...

A tale of improving the Sitecore 8.2 experience editor performance


In recent months, our Content Authors for an eCommerce site built with Sitecore 8.2 running on Azure (IaaS) were complaining about the painstaking process of editing and building pages with Sitecore’s Experience Editor. While not unheard for Content Authors to complain that the Experience Editor is a bit sluggish (as in always), the authors were pointing out that it would take 1-1.5 minutes...

Sitecore MVP 2019 – Technology


Yep, it happened! I am happy to announce that I have been awarded a Sitecore Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award for 2019 in Technology. The Sitecore MVP Award is awarded to the most active Sitecore community members from around the world who provide valuable online and offline expertise that enriches the community experience and makes a difference. I am honored to be part of the Sitecore...

Creating a custom command with Sitecore PowerShell Extensions


Ever wondered how to extend Sitecore PowerShell Extensions (SPE) and add custom commands to streamline your development? In this post, i’ll review what you need to do to quickly start development. The Sitecore PowerShell Extensions (SPE) module is a Sitecore development accelerator which can drastically increase your productivity and curtail the amount of time it takes to deliver a Sitecore...

Failed to synchronize segments. Message: Value cannot be null


Probably once or twice a week, I take a few moments to review the Sitecore Logs looking for errors that may have been introduced that could be affecting our environments. While not a new message, I finally had a few moments to investigate what appears to be a common error for Sitecore 8.2 – 170407. If you are coming here after searching google, know you aren’t doing anything wrong...

Reaching the max pages viewed threshold for an xDb Session


In my current project, I came across an odd issue for a component that was developed using interactions captured by xDb where xDb would completely stop tracking after what appeared to be at arbitrary intervals. To some testers, xDb would stop tracking after 9 page views, others it was 10-12 page views. What I didn’t know at the time was that Sitecore xDb comes configured with a...

Mapping integers values to boolean values within Solr with the ContentSearch API


If you work with Sitecore and search driven experiences enough, you will undoubtedly run into a scenario where you need to map a complex type from your codebase to a single entry into your index.  Luckily for us, Sitecore has already built the abstractions and the implementation into the Content Search API in order to handle mapping complex types into single fields within the index, the...

Targets dropdown not populating within the Link Dialog


Are you missing your link targets within the Speak UI link selection dialog, InsertLinkViaTreeDialog? If you have searched the internet and still haven’t come across an answer that worked, you have come to the right place. Missing Targets Dropdown Solution When the dialog first loads, it pulls the TargetsSearchPanelConfig provided within the Speak Layout. After the dialog has the...

Configuring Sitecore’s SolrProvider to use SolrPostConnection


By default, Sitecore’s ContentSearch Solr implementation is configured to send all requests to Solr using a HTTP GET. For most implementations, this is fine and shouldn’t need to be changed. However, if you are doing very complex queries you’ll quickly run into IIS’s web server query string and URL length limits. You have two options at this point, configure the limits...

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Sitecore MVP 2019 - Technology

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