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Mapping integers values to boolean values within Solr with the ContentSearch API

InSitecore//3 Min read

If you work with Sitecore and search driven experiences enough, you will undoubtedly run into a scenario where you need to map a complex type from your codebase to a single entry into your index.  Luckily for us, Sitecore has already built the abstractions and the implementation into the Content Search...

Configuring Sitecore's SolrProvider to use SolrPostConnection

InSitecore//2 Min read

By default, Sitecore's ContentSearch Solr implementation is configured to send all requests to Solr using a HTTP **GET**. For most implementations, this is fine and shouldn't need to be changed. However, if you are doing very complex queries you'll quickly run into IIS's web server query string and URL length...