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Handling Unhandled Exceptions within Sitecore Renderings

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Even the best developers cannot stop the inevitable from happening. Whether it be a mistyped variable name within a view, an invalid content type set, or the dreaded _null reference exception;_ errors like these and others creep up from time to time that can in some cases, bring down your Sitecore...

Unit-testing devices and layouts with Sitecore.FakeDb

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After writing a few extension methods that checked whether a Sitecore Item had a layout for the default device or any device, I wondered if I could use the Sitecore.FakeDb library to unit-test these extension methods and provide some much needed code coverage for a project i'm working on. As...

Sitecore Cache Extensions

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Months ago, I wrote a helix-based module for caching within Sitecore that allowed developers to add configuration-based caches to their projects in a unit-testable way. Without a proper introduction, the module didn't receive much fanfare... bummer. So, here goes... ##### Introducing the Sitecore Cache Extensions The Sitecore Cache Extensions is a helix-based module that...